The best sports in England

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England is part of the United Kingdom (that lies in the North-Western parts of Europe). It is known as the home for a wide range of sports activities. Sports bring both entertainment and income to the government, clubs, sponsors, and players. There are a variety of sports conducted there. It is obvious to see thousands of spectators filling different arenas and stadiums in the name of sheering their teams. England sports are not only supported in the country but also internationally. Below are some of the most popular sports in England based on the number of people supporting them.


By far, football is the most popular sport in England. It is designed to follow the system of leagues. Each league has a large number of football clubs contesting. The most popular league is premier leagues which hosts the 20 best teams from the UK. The other popular leagues include the FA Cup and Capital One (Carabao). Some of the most popular football clubs in England include Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Watford FC, Wolves FC, and Everton. All the clubs are registered and regulated by a governing body known as the Football Association (FA).


Rugby is the second most popular game in England. It is divided into Rugby League and the Rugby Union. Those sports have different rules governing the number of players and how they advance the game. Rugby in England has a governing body known as the Rugby Football League. It is based on Red Hall city in Leeds. It controls different leagues such as England Rugby League Team, Super League, the Championships, and the Challenge Cup. It is the duty of this body to promote sports, organize international tournaments, and also conduct training for both the national team players and officials.


Cricket is also a national sport in England. It came to gain popular in England from the 17th century. Initially, it was played only for entertainment and to pass time. Today, there are different professional cricket clubs such as England Women Cricket Team and England Lions Cricket Team. All the cricket teams compete for a County Championship league that is played in four days and one-day sub leagues. Cricket is also a popular game played in all schools and universities. There is also traditional village cricket that is towns and villages across England. Cricket is a game played under strict rules.

Badminton Game

Badminton is a game which is played using a shuttlecock and a lightweight racket. The shuttlecock is also popularly known as “bird”. It is named after Badminton a county in Gloucestershire, England where it originated. To date, Badminton is the most popular racket sports in England. The game is governed by a body known as the Badminton Association of England (established in 1977). The game is played with 21 points and the winner must have a 2+ points advantage. Failure to get a 2-point advantage, the first player (or the team) to score 30 points is crowned the winner.