How to find the best Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is one of the most common sports in the world, and especially in counties like Australia, India, the UK and South Africa. Basically, every continent has a top cricket league, with millions of fans that enjoy the lightning-fast pace nature of the sport, as well as the cunning and creative strategies that go into the background. Bettors also love the sport, participating in online cricket betting due to the amazing odds provided by the best cricket bookies online.

Cricket betting online is a very popular type of gambling, and as long as you can find some of the best cricket betting sites, you are sure to have an enjoyable betting experience.

cricket betting

What is cricket betting?

Cricket betting is the act of wagering money on the outcome of a game against odds set by the bookie. Just like ordinary betting, predicting right would mean you earning a total of the sum you wagered multiplied by the odds, however, things happening otherwise means you’d lose your money.

Today, online channels are the most popular way to bet on the game. Due to technology, all you need to bet on cricket is an internet connection and a smart device. There are even cricket betting apps that enable you to access cricket bets through your mobile.

Currently, there are hundreds of betting sites for cricket that offer favorable odds and access to cricket betting markets and even live cricket betting. Finding the right bookmaker is very important to your overall gaming experience, and is why we have written this article.

Cricket betting sites differ in mode of operation, bonuses, deposit methods, and even down to the match predictions options you have. However, most of them offer petting on top tournaments like the Indian Premier League, ICC cricket world cup, the Ashes series and more. You can find out more about the best cricket betting sites and tips by visiting

How does cricket betting work?

To bet on cricket online is pretty straightforward and not different from the regular sports betting that you’re used to. However, it pretty much boils down to you finding the best odds and the best-betting markets. During research, stay on the lookout for low-quality betting sites (which may be even scammers), who offers unreal odds that are apparently too good to be true. They do this in order to attract a large volume of customers.

Here is a step-by-step approach on how to bet on cricket:

  • Research about top bookmakers and weigh their pros and cons
  • From the research result, select the best bookie for you
  • Proceed to open an online betting account with the bookmaker
  • Fund your account
  • Start playing

As apparently seen, cricket betting is as direct as any other sport. However, you need to understand the game, as well as betting markets in order to increase the chances of things going in your favor.

Finding the best cricket betting sites online

Cricket bet, like every other bet, depends on the odds involved. The trick is in trying to find the best odds for a game or at that season and wager on it. However, this is not to say that the odds are everything there is, instead, it just points out that better odds means higher wins if things go your way.

When finding the best cricket betting sites online, there are certain qualities that you should look out for. A site that ticks all these boxes is more likely going to be a good fit, and safe and would make the best gaming experience. These qualities are:

The best odds

Certainly, odds are among the very top when it comes to choosing the site to bet on cricket online. Basically, the higher the odds the more your earnings. You can play the exact game across different betting sites and one would give over 20% more win than the other. In such a situation, it’s not really a waging or betting market problem, but simply better odds. You can make the best IPL prediction the world of betting has ever seen and still end up with low wins.

An array of betting markets

The betting markets are simply different possible outcomes of a game that you are allowed to bet on. It’s always best to go with sites that offer as much as possible, therefore, leaving you with the option to choose, rather than one that only offers a fixed number of betting markets. A good example of a betting site with good betting markets is

Quality live betting

Quality live betting is also an important consideration to take into account when choosing a betting site. Basically, you should be able to wager with fast confirmation on stakes as matches run. Live betting usually offers the best odds but is also highly volatile as a single event in the game can swing the whole market in the opposite direction.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Having a wide array of deposit and withdrawal method is always a good option for you as the bettor. Although most sites provide this today, you should look out for the specific payment method that is easiest for such transaction in your country. Preferably, you should even go for sites that allow you to deposit and play in your local currency.


Licenses like the curacao, Malta gaming authority or that of any other approved international body are a good indication of the site being legitimate. Do well to consider it when choosing betting sites to wager.

Cricket betting markets and available competitions

The betting market and available competitions are two important parts of cricket betting that you should understand as a bettor.

Cricket betting markets

Just as earlier said, the cricket betting markets simply refer to the different outcomes of a game that bettors can bet on. Examples include:

  • Match winner
  • Top batsman
  • Top bowler
  • Man of the match
  • The series winners
  • Who hits the most six
  • Ducks in a match

Available competitions

There are two major categories of competitions that covers all forms of cricket betting.

International competitions

These are tournaments that are played between countries engaging in professional cricket sport. It includes the Ashes series, a tournament between England and Australia that is regarded as the longest rivalry in cricket history, and the ICC world cup that comes around every 4 years. There are always plenty of odds flying around during these competitions, therefore, making them a good option for bettors.

Domestic competitions

Domestic competitions are inter-team competitions within a country. The most prestigious and popular currently is the Indian Premier League. You can also opt for the Asian league or the big bash of Australia. Domestic competitions also offer good odds all season round.